Business assistance and supports

Business assistance and supports

Business assistance and supports

General Support Information Center for small and medium-sized organizations

We have opened General Support Information Center for small-medium companies to announce and offer business supports of industrial assistance institution in Nakamozu area to help small and medium-sized enterprises' business challenge.

Dispatching experts and professionals for management assistance

We send qualified professional advisors to encourage management and challenges of small and medium-sized companies and solve their problems by providing supports and assistance.

Technology Transfer Assistance

We assist small and medium-sized organizations to improve and develop their current and new fundamental technology by visiting them and coordinating with "Osaka Supporting Industry Development Assistance Project" which is conducted by Osaka Prefecture.

Assessment of business possibility

We discover and assess the business possibilities of founders and small and medium-sized companies who attempt to a new business challenge, their technologies, and know-how. Also, we conduct comprehensive "Hands-on Support" with various assistance measures.

Business advancement supports for local industries

We effort to vitalize local industries by holding seminars and dispatching advisers to six institutions of the city and associations including lumber/furniture industrial complex in South Osaka region.

Business matching project- "Matching and Coordination"

We send companies our business matching coordinators with specialized knowledge and a wide range of network as our business matching project. In the activity, we collect and gather information of the firms' products and technologies to coordinate a company with an organization which are able to cooperate with each other.

Sakai local development fund project

We endeavor to vitalize the regional economy by participating in "Sakai Venture Development Capital Investment Project Limited Partnership" and encourage smaller scale companies for their enlistment on the market.

Overall supports for academic-industrial alliance projects

We perform to match smaller scale organization's needs for technology with study of universities for a joint research. Therefore, we investigate their needs and help the organizations to conduct a collaborative project with universities. We assist them with these activities and the academic-industrial alliance by arranging the project managers and collecting information. Furthermore, we support their cooperative research development plan for gaining competitive funds.

Growth industry sector development project

We deliver information which is helpful for entering to the growth potential markets, such as eco-business market and health and sports related industrial sectors. Additionally, we perform comprehensive supports to encourage new business developments of small and medium-sized companies and cooperation among them.

Development of human resources for business

Organizing seminars

We arrange various kinds of seminars and training to improve skills of owners, supervisors and engineers of small and medium-sized organizations.

Financial Assistance

Arrangements of business loan guarantee

We conduct to arrange guarantees of business loan for companies in accordance with Sakai City Small and Medium-Sized Business Loan Program.

Business loan counseling

Our professional staff provide a consultation for arranging business loans by Sakai city and Osaka Prefecture.

Information for venue rental

Venues for rental: Event Hall (Exhibition site: 1,047 m2, Hall: 846 seats) Conference room (Small and large size), Seminar Room, Convention Hall,Small Hall for Exhibition