What we do

What we do


Business Support

Besides visiting local businesses to hear and promote their needs, the Sakai IPC coordinates business introductions and referrals, and sends out experts to provide guidance and assistance, in an effort to help small and medium-sized businesses, especially those in manufacturing sectors, be more competitive and expand their business.

Human Resource Development

The Sakai IPC assists local small and medium-sized businesses with developing human resources by staging a wide range of position-based and theme-based seminars, as well as those for businesspeople and successors who will be shouldering the future of the manufacturing business.

Demand Cultivation

Besides the permanent display in the IPC building, the Sakai IPC proactively attends tradeshows inside and outside Japan in order to build awareness and open up new markets for Sakai-made products. The Sakai IPC also helps train cutlery craftsmen to replenish the industry's aging workforce.

Operating the Sakai City Traditional Crafts Museum

The Sakai IPC helps promote traditional industries in the area by disseminating information, providing hands-on experiences and interactive events, creating new markets, and promoting catalog and online sales through the operation of the Sakai City Traditional Crafts Museum.

Financial Support

The Sakai IPC assists small and medium-sized businesses in the area with procuring capital by providing counseling on the city's and other public funding programs, and other capital services.

Rental Venues

The Sakai IPC rents out its event halls, meeting rooms and other convenient activity venues to help promote local business activities.