Summary of Domestic Measures

Summary of Domestic Measures

Permanent display

Displays of South Osaka seven cities' * products. 48 companies and 16 associations exhibit their latest and leading products.
*Seven cities are Sakai, Takaishi, Izumi otsu, Izumi, Kawachi nagano, Osaka sayama and Tadaoka.

Shop Appeal

We sell more than 500 South Osaka's popular items, such as Sakai knives & scissors, Senko incense stick, Kombu(kelp) products, Chusen textile, cotton wear, Wagashi sweets, shell works, artificial pearls, glass sculptures, timber products and others at the shop on our premises.

Field marketing

Running a booth at local industry fairs and events in Japan to gather market information and to PR Sakai products.

Direct marketing

We are selling Sakai knives, Senko incense stick, Kombu(kelp) products, Chusen textile, Wagashi sweets in the mail-order catalog "Sakai karano Okurimono*," or "Gifts from Sakai."
*we are not shipping overseas.


We help promote the acknowledgment of the local products by sponsoring local events in the region.


Offering subsidies to participate in the trade shows and exhibitions for SMBs in Sakai city.

Sakai Industry Festival

The biggest industrial festival in the Southern Osaka region held at Sakai IPC every October. Nearly 200 exhibitors from all over Japan, mainly from South Osaka area, gather to showcase, promote and sell their products. Two days event attracts more than 50000 attendees.