Carp Streamers

Carp Streamers

Sakai Satsuki Carp Streamers

During the first half of the Meiji era, the first carp streamers were created by Japanese kite makers on paper and carps with Kintaro riding along were well known as "Takagi carps".
The use of bamboo brushes and the tradition of using many different brushes to create a unique hand brushed look and feel has not changed to this day.
Sakai Satsuki carp streamers will continue to convey their tradition of being the only hand painted carp streamers in Osaka.

How carp streamers are created

  1. 1.Paint the eye
    1.Paint the eye The eye is painted first. Then the points of the body are created to outline the body.

  2. 2.Bunmawashi
    2.Bunmawashi"Bunmawashi" refers to the tool to paint the eye. All tools are hand made for each task.

  3. 3.Draw the whiskers
    3.Draw the whiskersSteady your breath and then vigorously paint the "whiskers".

  4. 4.Draw the outline
    4.Draw the outlineIt takes years of experience to paint the scales so they are brilliant and strong.

  5. 5.Brush
    5.BrushSeven different pigments are used to paint the paper with a brush. Cotton is said to be the best material for bringing out the color and texture.

  6. 6.Scales
    6.ScalesBrushing the hair on the scales is the last thing brushed by hand.

Features of Sakai Satsuki Carp Streamers

  • Hand painted
    Hand painted
    The carp is painted using pigments and not a pattern. A unique brushing technique is used to paint the carp.
  • Kintaro is always riding the carp
    Kintaro is always riding the carp
    The biggest feature of Sakai Satsuki carps is Kintaro riding along on the carp. It is said that a person named Otokichi and other Takagi craftsmen were the first to propose the idea between the end of the Meiji era and the Taisho era.
  • Conventional Shape of the Carp
    Conventional Shape of the Carp
    The carp is not shaped like a tube similar to other carps but is plump and has a three dimensional shape just like a real carp. The carp also becomes large in the wind because of its big body and mouth.
  • Colors
    Select imported pigments are used to color the carps. The cobalt blue the 5th generation craftsmen struggled in discovering has beautiful color tones. The deep rich color is something no print can match.

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