The first bicycle is said to have been made by the German Baron, Karl Christian Ludwig Drais von Sauerbronn in 1813. It was a wooden bicycle with handle bars and moved by pushing off the ground with your feet.

The first bicycle came to Japan during the 19th century. After 1870 they were gradually imported and bicycles started to become more prevalent after imported bicycles were rented out to people starting in 1899.

At this time, craftsman skilled in gun making and iron working who had a wealth of experience and knowledge in machines and metals began manufacturing bicycle parts and repairing bicycles in Sakai.

Meanwhile, the first bicycle factory in Japan was built during the First World War between 1914 and 1918. At this time, most bicycle parts were still imported but there was a need for steady domestic production because most imports were stopped due to the war. This made Sakai one of the largest producers in Japan and helped the industry to rapidly develop.

Currently, the high quality bicycle parts made in Sakai are produced using years of superior planning and without this it is said that the new generation of bicycles and the world's bicycle industry would not exist.


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