Textile, Flat kintting

From the Taisho era to the beginning of the Showa era, dye industries dealing in textiles and dyes were popular in Osaka-Sayama.
After the beginning of the Showa era, a local textile industry mainly producing rugs that used machine sewing appeared.
After the Second World War, Sakai city and the Senshu region took advantage of its location close to Osaka and Kyoto to rapidly expand its knitting industry where the market was expanding because clothing was becoming fashionable. The flat knitting industry soon took off in the region which can handle the needs of consumers for premium and individualistic clothing that keeps pace with the fast changing trends.
Using this flat knitting technology, the industry is developing materials and clothing that use a new gradation technique and working to expand sales both domestically and overseas. Sakai city is working together with special textile related industries in the Senshu and Osaka-Sayama area to promote industry.

  • Textile, Flat kintting
  • Textile, Flat kintting

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