Senko(Incense Stick)

There are various stories on how incense was first manufactured in Japan. During the 16th century, the manufacturing process was brought over from China and it is said that incense were already being manufacturing in Sakai.

At the time, Sakai was a free city that had the largest overseas trading port in Japan. The city had such prosperous trading that one missionary commented, "this town is wealthy and its commerce is not only prosperous but it is a marketplace of countries that continue to come together from all areas."

Because of this, it was easy to acquire the raw materials for the incense from abroad and another factor in incense being manufactured in Sakai so early was because of the abundance of temples similar to Kyoto and Nara. Incense made in Sakai use a natural blend of hand selected fragrances and these fragrances are said to be an art. The positive effects of aromatherapy are also gaining attention because of the recent popularity of fragrances.


Senko(incense stick)

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