Takaishi City

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  • Appla Takaishi
  • Castella (Sponge cake)
  • Shell working
City Area 11.352 kilometers
City Population 60,110 people (As of February 1, 2011)
No. of households 24,657 households (As of February 1, 2011)
City hall address 4-1-1 Kamo, Takaishi 592-8585
Industrial promotion departments Takaishi, Policy Promotional Dept. Economics Div.
Phone 072-265-1001
Fax 072-263-8143
City webpage http://www.city.takaishi.lg.jp
Catch Copy A friendly town that spreads its splendor
Local industries 1 Castella (famous product of Osaka)
Local industries 2  
Industry & History The population of Takaishi was 30,000 people at the end of 1945. In the city's center there were mainly spinning factories along with shell working and glasswork. In the eastern section of town were the farmers and people fished along the coastal areas.
The foundation for the development of Takaishi as a cultural city was put into place after the spread of gas and water services.
In 1961, Izumiotsu and Tadaoka formed an association to promote coastal development with the goal of not only new development in luxury residential neighborhoods which up until this point were built in the suburbs of the city, but also a coastal industrial zone.
However, the coastal development plan was really never implemented and the city worked on the backland in order to form the coastal industrial area in the near future. In conjunction with this, construction projects mainly in civil engineering increased at a rapid pace which developed the city along with it. This created a rush to build homes for the labors working on the coastal development project and the inflow of families to the city to have a place to live.
After 1965, companies started to really begin operations in the reclaimed land (Takasuna area). One of the highlights was the emergence of a petrochemical factory that took advantage of the locational conditions.
On November 1 1966, the name of the city became Takaishi and the city was on a one way road to development because of the favorable financial situation it was in with the increase in municipal and corporate taxes due to the influx of companies to the Semboku coastal industrial zone and the population increase.
In recent years, the city has been working to invite more companies to the coastal region by participating in the Sakai City / Semboku Bay Area New Industry Creation Council and by creating bylaws to promote land for companies to use.
Manufacturer's Association Takaishi Chamber of Commerce
Location 2-6-10 Ayazono, Takaishi 592-0014
Phone 072-264-1888
Fax 072-261-7676
HP(URL) http://www2.ocn.ne.jp/~tcci