Wood has been used in all corners of Japanese life and living since long ago and with its high heat insulation and ability to absorb moisture, it is perfect for the climate of Japan. Wood is also a resource that protects the environment because it can be used multiple times and removes carbon dioxide from the air in exchange for oxygen. It is now being reconsidered as an ideal reusable resource that doesn't put any stress on the environment.
The use of wood and growing trees is said to be one of the best activities we can do for the environment.

The Osaka Lumber Industry Development Co-Op was established mainly by 47 lumber processing manufacturers within Osaka in 1962. The Co-Op has used 67ha of land in Minami-Kawachigun, Mihara-cho to develop an industrial park.
Currently the area functions as a small town with around 120 different plants including a number of different industries, commercial facilities and tenants.
The processing of lumber was welcomed as another one of Sakai city's local industries when Mihara-cho became a part of Sakai in February 2005.
In the future the industrial park will continue with its numerous activities as the location for the lumber industry in southern Osaka and as an ideal area that protects the environment and promotes area development.

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