Kawachi-Nagano City

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  • Kawachi-Nagano
  • Toothpicks
  • Bamboo screens
City Area 109.612 kilometers
City Population 115,281 people (As of November 2010)
No. of households 46,659 households (As of November 2010)
City hall address 1-1-1 Hara-cho Kawachi-Nagano
Industrial promotion departments Kawachi-Nagano, Industrial Promotion Dept. Commerce and Tourism Div.
Phone 0721-53-1111
Fax 0721-55-1435
City webpage http://www.city.kawachinagano.lg.jp/index.html
Catch Copy Let's work to make Kawachi-Nagano a city where culture and the environment work in harmony
Local industries 1 Toothpicks
Local industries 2 Bamboo screens
Industry & History Kawachi-Nagano has an abundance of nature and historical and cultural resources. It is a large city that uses its geographical closeness to Kansai International Airport to make it so that people, information and technology are able to work together and the city is working to create a vibrant place that can move with the times and develop new industries. The main traditional industry in the city is the steel industry which produces malleable cast iron, pipe fittings, bearings and stainless steel, in addition to other related industries that have developed which produce bamboo screens, toothpicks, nails, rivets and flour.
In addition, a number of commercial businesses run along the train lines out of Osaka at places like Kawachi-Nagano station, Mikkaichi-cho station and Chiyoda station, to meet the diverse needs of consumers.
Farmers in the area generally have another job on the side, but a kind of urban farming has been developed that grows vegetables, Japanese pears, mandarin oranges, peaches and other fruits. Additionally, the timber industry is prospering in the southern region of the city and kingwoods such as Japan cedar, Japanese cypress and other trees from Osaka Kawachi are highly valued on the market and shipped throughout Japan.
Manufacturer's Association Kawachi-Nagano Chamber of Commerce
Location 7-3 Shoei-cho, Kawachi-Nagano 586-0025
Phone 0721-53-9900
Fax 0721-52-2606
HP(URL) http://www.ksci.or.jp/