Izumiotsu City

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  • Izumiotsu harbor
  • Hand woven blanket
  • Reel and shuttle
City Area 12.942 kilometers
City Population 77,633 people (As of January 1, 2011)
No. of households 33,049 households (As of January 1, 2011)
City hall address 9-12 Shinonome-cho, Izumiotsu
Industrial promotion departments Izumiotsu, Citizen and Industry Dept. Industrial Policy Div.
Phone 0725-33-1131
Fax 0725-33-1270
City webpage http://www.city.izumiotsu.osaka.jp/
Catch Copy Izumiotsu 窶・Creativity and Comfort for the Future - Striving to Create a Comfortable City for Everyone -
Local industries 1 Blankets
Local industries 2 Knitting
Local industries 3 Wool fabrics
Local industries 4 Tires
Industry & History Izumiotsu is located in the southern part of Osaka prefecture. It is described as the small harbor in essays and by traveling writers and is known for its beautiful landscape. In the Tosa Diary, after his tenure as Tosanokami, when Kino Tsuranuki was passing through the area returning to Tokyo he wrote, " Yukedo Nao Yukiyararenuha Imoga Umu Ozuno Uranaru Kishino Matsubara."
On April 1 1889, enforcement of the municipal system integrated the 17 villages into Otsu, Anashi and Kamijyo with all of them becoming a part of Izumi-gun. After this, Otsu changed to a town on April 1, 1915 and after Anashi and Kamijyo were consolidated, the new city has since been known as Izumiotsu from April 1, 1942.
Cotton has long been used in the Izumiotsu region and the foundation was based on cotton products and braiding. The blanket industry suddenly exploded based on this economic and technical foundation during the 1880's and from the end of the Taisho era to the beginning of the Showa era blanket manufacturers were prevalent until after the Second World War when the knitting industry came to fruition. Then, with the development of these textile industries a division of labor for each production process was established which formed a collection of comprehensive textile related industries that had not yet been seen in a wide variety of industries, including wholesalers, distributors, etc. For example, the blanket industry boasts 90% of the market in Japan and after establishing a firm reputation during the Taisho era and not slacking on technical development, the industry continues to lead the world with its high-tech printing technology and other techniques.
Manufacturer's Association Izumiotsu Chamber of Commerce
Location 10-7 Tanaka-cho, Izumiotsu 595-0062
Phone 0725-23-1111
Fax 0725-23-1115
HP(URL) http://izumiotsu-cci.or.jp/
Manufacturer's Association Japan Blanket Association
Location 22-65 Asahi-cho, Izumiotsu 595-0025
Phone 0725-33-4185
Fax 0725-32-5661
HP(URL) http://japanblanket.com/
Manufacturer's Association Senshu Knitting Co-Op
Location 4F Texpia Asahi-cho, Izumiotsu 595-0025
Phone 0725-31-4481
Fax 0725-31-2577
HP(URL) http://www.yumeamiclub.com/