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City Area 4.032 kilometers
City Population 18,289 people (As of December 2010)
No. of households 7,582 households (As of December 2010)
City hall address 1-43-1 Tadaoka-higashi, Tadaoka-cho, Semboku-gun 509-0805
Industrial promotion departments Tadaoka, Mayor's Office, Municipal Promotional Div.
Phone 0725-22-1122
Fax 0725-22-0364
City webpage http://www.town.tadaoka.osaka.jp/
Catch Copy "Creating a tightknit and bright community" "A warm community that supports each other"
Local industries 1 Textile industry
Local industries 2 Lumber industry
Industry & History In April 1889, Tadaoka was reformed as a village and in October 1939 it became a town.
The major industries in Tadaoka are the textile industry and lumber industry. The chamber of commerce also recycles all used PET bottles, developed an eco-blanket that is good for the environment and takes part in other new challenges each day.
The town of Tadaoka, the chamber of commerce and various organizations have come together with the hearts of consumers in mind to create an active location for commerce. At each opportunity, we are working to promote and sell our city and one of the best events is the commerce carnival held in November of each year where local products fly off the shelves.
While the farming areas are in the suburbs, they are comparatively wide spread. The seaside also has a fishing harbor and offices that coexist together in the same environment.
Manufacturer's Association Tadaoka Chamber of Commerce
Location 1-1-23 Tadaokanaka, Tadaoka-cho 595-0812
Phone 0725-33-3208
Fax 0725-32-4880
HP(URL) http://www.osaka-sci.or.jp/tadaoka/index.htm
Manufacturer's Association Tadaoka Retail Business Association
Location 1-1-23 Tadaokanaka, Tadaoka-cho 595-0812
Phone 0725-33-3208
Fax 0725-32-4880
HP(URL) http://www.tadaoka.or.jp/syourenn.htm
Manufacturer's Association Tadaoka Fishing Co-Op
Location 1-1564-3 Shin-hama, Takaoka-cho 595-0814
Phone 0725-32-0459
Fax 0725-21-7009
HP(URL) None